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I am, however, getting old.

The Norge (a Moto Guzzi motorcycle, not a fridge) is a magnificent example of the variety of bike known as "Gran Turismo" or "Gentleman's Express". A modern example.

It is very comfortable, has a good fairing, excellent riding position, lots of go, heated handgrips even! I have optioned it up with Helibars and a throttle lock and a better seat, and better suspension. It is sinfully plush.

But as I rode down to Bungendore (about what... 300km from Sydney?) I was Bloody Cold despite lotsa woolen layers.

And I thought to myself "what happened to the woman who rode from Adelaide to Melbourne (800km) on a Friday night after work in winter, wearing Belstaffs and as many layers as could fit under same and then did it again and while noting it was cold thought nothing much of it.[1]

But I was younger then... I have done 1000km days on the Norge, but I did them on the MZ with less fanfare and in far less comfort.

Who said youth is wasted on the young?

That said, I need to find places to ride to on the weekend that are more interesting than the bloody Hume Highway and have something fun to do at the end. Perhaps back to that stunning bookshop in Uralla? Who would have thought that a fairly average NSW country town would have a bookshop covering 3 rooms of floor to ceiling stacks with barely passing room between them?

The pub lets you put your bike in the drive in bottleshop overnight and does a decent steak.

OK, I think I have my answer....


[1] although I usually get a laugh when I tell the story of the first such trip where I stopped in Ballarat and asked the servo operator if I could warm up in his shop for a while, he smiled and agreed and I slowly thawed out... then realised that a) cold has a certain effect on the human bladder and b) I was wearing everything I owned....

I won the race between biology and buttons, but only just!
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