Nov. 14th, 2009


Nov. 14th, 2009 05:52 pm
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Well.. can't really call it that "fun with yeast" is probably closer.

I bought stuff from which is pretty much some yeast and some bottletops that allow some gas from a fermenting brew to escape.

You grab some juice/cordial eg apple juice, add yeast, put one of these on, in 3-4 days you have something alcoholic.

I tried your basic 2l Berri clear applejuice. Removed some to give it gas room, tipped the recommended amount of yeast in, put it on the kitchen ledge as they say the yeast wanted 23-30deg to play in and it was the last gasp of the cool weather and waited.

After 4 days I put it in the fridge which apparently stops the fermentation and tried it the following evening.

It was actually quite pleasant. Definitely alcoholic, not sweet, although not really heavily apple tasting either. Not a strong taste but still I liked it - probably because it wasn't sweet.

I would prefer more apple taste, I might try the other yeast now the weather's heating up they say it gives more fruity flavour.

Now I'm trying with some sugar even though I liked the less sweet version. Just to see what it does. At the price of 2l of applejuice it is worth the testing.

I'm also tempted to make up a ginger cordial from Real Ginger and see what sort of ginger beer this stuff produces.

They provide tops that go on small soft drink bottles, so maybe the next juice I get I'll do several test batches - different yeasts and sugars.

I had been pondering the homebrew route with the big carboys and the kits and so on, but I'll stick with this for now, if only because I'm dead lazy.


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